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At Edge of Focus we aim to provide a photographic experience that allows you to develop and hone your skills and experience a journey of a lifetime. We want to expose you to new cultures, stunning landscapes and beautiful light. We want to share our passion with you. Stu McKenzie founded Edge of Focus, initially as an outlet for his own photography and to tell the story of remote cultures, people and places. 

An award winning professional photographer and former senior cameraman for the BBC, Stu has worked all over the world, including living with reindeer herders in the Arctic and migrating with eagle hunters in Mongolia. We want to share the journey with you, feel the emotions and meet the wonderful people who live extraordinary lives around the world. We will be there to develop your photography no matter what level you are at, every day is a school day and we hope that not only will you learn from us but that we learn from you too.

Your Team

Stu McKenzie

Stu McKenzie has been living and breathing photography for most of his life, not only is he a professional photographer but he is also a former senior cameraman and editor for the BBC.

He has travelled the world filming and photographing global events, cultures and people. Recently Stu lived and photographed Nenets Reindeer Herders 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle and migrated into the Altai Mountains with Kazakh Eagle Hunters in Mongolia.

As a former instructor at the Defence School of Photography, Stu has a passion for teaching and takes great pleasure in not only passing on his knowledge and experience but also learning from others too, every day is a school day.

Anthony Boocock

Anthony Boocock is an award winning, internationally published photographer based in Herefordshire. He has worked all over the world and has covered conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Landscape photography combines Anthony’s passion for exploring the great outdoors and his desire to capture stunning landscape scenes.

He is passionate about passing on his photographic experience on the Edge of Focus Photography Workshops and enjoys sharing the latest knowledge about equipment and techniques.

Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies is a British born photographer, now based in New Zealand. He is a professional photographer with a wealth of experience across many photographic disciplines.

Gareth has travelled the world covering events from the Caribbean to the Arctic Circle. His main passion in sports photography, in particular rugby union and is currently writing a book on the subject.

He is a qualified adult education teacher with a desire to pass on his knowledge and experience. He is always looking to upskill with techniques and always keen to share a photographic opportunity.

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